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5Summer school

1Master’s Degree

Dé-cor/ps portés

Juline Darde Gervais


Rimasùu Studio

An international course of the highest level, taught in English,  offer beginning in the fall of the 2017-2018 academic year with a first matriculating class of a dozen students. The 2-year course will combine workshops developing knowledge about the design and crafting of clothing and accessories and of materials/textiles; it’s also address marketing, strategy, and business creation, manufacturing, law, and new materials.

Students participate throughout the year in workshops with invited designers and creators around a specific fashion-world figure, each entering class having its own patron. The course will include internships. The second year will mainly be focused on the student’s Grand projet (diploma project).


The end of the first year of study is dedicated to a 3/4 month internship. A second internship at the end of the second year may be considered.


After the successful completion of the 2-year course of study, including final examinations and the Grand projet (60 ECTS per year), students will be awarded a degree from PSL-École Nationale de Mode et Matière as well as national Master’s.



À ce qui n'en finit pas

Elsa Séguier-Faucher


Rimasùu Studio

60 ECTS/an

Year 1

Courses (Sept. to May)
  • September: Initiation week
    Refresher workshops (collections, Pattern-making,
    textiles, materials, knitwear, software)
  • November: study tour (1 week)
  • Late April: start of 3/4 months internship
Fashion Creation Prism


  • Development and realization of models and collections
  • Development and elaboration of creative projects
  • Garment production: industrial production and sourcing
  • History of fashion
  • Communication, visual identity, and branding
  • Accessories
  • Fashion studies
  • Workshops led by invited fashion designers/creatives
  • Trans-schools module (students are invited to work
    on concrete projects in partnership with students at
    MINES ParisTech and Université Dauphine)
  • Languages (FLE–French as a foreign language—or English)
  • Textile culture
  • Ennobling and know-how
  • New materials/intelligent materials
Management Prism


  • Introduction to strategy
  • Financial analysis and fundraising
  • Retail and merchandising
  • Business game – Markstrat
  • Current consumer trends
Engineering Prism


  • Production/logistics
  • Connected objects
  • Eco-design
  • 3D printing software
Elective Courses
  • Color
  • Prints
  • Jewelry/Hats (millinery workshop)
  • Leather garments/Fur

4 ECTS are reserved for elective courses, workshops, and internship

Year 2

Courses (Sept. to May)
  • November: study tour (1 week)
  • June: Grand projet / Diploma project and internship
Fashion Creation Prism

Coaching and monitoring of the creative project: presentation of the Grand projet/diploma project to the jury in June

Grand Projet: Clothing design and pattern-making, Textile qualities, Colors and prints Workshop production, performances and new functionalities

Management Prism
  • Entrepreneurial project management
  • Talent management (HR, organization, team management)
  • Business model and innovative ecosystems
Engineering Prism
  • Accompaniment of the Grand Projet/diploma project


L'Heure Bleue

Chloé Foulquier


Rimasùu Studio

The admission is through a competitive entry. The administrative enrollment for competition is open from February 22nd to May 31, 2019 at 5pm. Several recruitment sessions will take place. They are currently scheduled for April 23rd, May 13th, June 11th and July 3rd 2019.


This program is open to students with a Bachelor’s degree (minimum 180 ECTS or equivalent) in fashion design. Prerequisites: design and realization of garments and accessories, as well as knowledge of the basic principles of textiles and materials.

Admission is through competitive entrance examination. The admissions process and conditions can be consulted on the website.

An application file must be submitted, including: the application form, a cover letter, a portfolio (20 digital images of collection plans and completed patterns/collections), two letters of recommendation, and proof of English-language proficiency (IELTS: 6,5; TOEFL iBT: 96/120) for non-native English speakers or a French-language test (DELF B2 or DALF) for non-native French speakers.

One of the goals of the program being the personal development of the student-creators, the key element of the application will be the candidate’s creative project.

The school seeks applications from students from France, Europe, and around the world, with the aim of guaranteeing creative international emulation.

All instruction will be provided in English.

In order to apply:


Titre du media

Auteur du media


Crédit du media

At EnaMoMa we implement research
processes and programs at the highest level, in a field
that is nonexistent in France and scarcely developed
internationally. Two axes are already underway with
various partners:

1. Sensory design (seeing, smelling, touching, tasting, hearing) covers a field that is both broad enough to be interdisciplinary and specific enough to prefigure one of the specificities of the of the Paris Fashion School “by PSL”.
This expanding field calls upon transversal skills and knowledge stemming from design (product design, textile design, fashion design, stage design, graphic design, etc.), the experimental sciences and engineering (biology, physics, computer science, electronics, materials engineering), and the social sciences (economics, sociology, management science).

2. Comparative history and theory of fashion and materials: there are almost no structured research programs (or labs) in this field, in France or internationally, combining the many fields in the humanities, social sciences, or management sciences that could be included.
Students will also be able to orient themselves toward the PSL SACRe doctorate.


Jeanne Vicerial

Designer, student researcher

PSL SACRe doctorate EnsadLab

Clothing clinic

Research thesis in fashion design and textile design dedicated
to the analogical study of the relationship between the body
and the garment (bespoke) and to rethinking new systems of
clothing production/manufacture. Using previously digitized bodily
data to reduce the waste of textiles, the research explores industrialscale
bespoke processes to develop fabrics woven “to order”.
The research uses the model of the weaving of human muscles as
a clothing design system. Every weave is made from a single
recycled thread Collection.

5Summer school

EnaMoMa Summer School

La Mode dans tous ses états

Summer School

Training diverse audiences is also a priority for EnaMoMa, achieved through continuing education seminars and Summer School programs.

By launching a Summer School, we seek to make our excellent creative resources available to an outside audience passionate about fashion: from beginners to advanced students, everyone will find in the Summer School a space to grow, pursue their passion, or find their career path

In 2019 we will be offering the following trainings :

To reserve your place, you need to :
1/ Complete the enrollment form (pdf) of the Summer School chosen and send it by mail or e-mail to EnaMoMa by PSL – 31 rue d’Ulm 75005 Paris ou

2/ Join the registration fees for the Summer School:
By sending a check of an amount corresponding to 50 % of the total sum to ” Monsieur l’Agent Comptable de l’ EnsAD “.
By sending the proof of the 50 % bank transfer of the session’s fees to
To obtain the RIB to make the transfer, please ask for it by e-mail to